Officially Enrolled In Kumon Reading Program

Daughter is officially enrolled for Kumon reading program.

Last month, I enrolled Skye in a Kumon Reading Program. It was a swift 2-day process. We had an evaluation and assessment with Skye. The next day, I went for the parents’ orientation and then processed her enrolment. Our schedule is twice a week with a 1-hour session. Dear daughter is shy and hardly answers the teacher when being asked. But no pressure as I believe she’s still adjusting with the new environment. As you know, I am not really […]

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Keeping Your Child Busy

Finally, giving my blog a bit of my time. Sorry for not posting, I am busy with life. To update you, I’m working at home as a part-time virtual assistant. I’ve worked for a couple of months already in one company with flexible time. And I just recently started working with another company, which requires me to work early in the morning. So I have to manage my everyday schedule, coz I’m juggling two jobs and at the same time […]

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