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First Trimester. Blessing.

I guess this is the best time to share my pregnancy journey last year. It was the same day that I knew I was pregnant. And God has blessed us with such a beautiful daughter.

Early January of last year, I already have a feeling that I was pregnant. I have a regular cycle and I missed it. I decided to wait for February to take the test just to make sure. According to Shane and my friends, I was super sungit and maldita during that time. I noticed that also but I didn’t pay much attention because there are really times that I’m like that. There were instances also that I don’t like replying to my friends’ text messages or answering their phone calls. The reason was, I don’t want to sound maldita to anyone so it’s my way of avoiding any misunderstanding. They got worried but they already have a feeling that something was really different about me and I might be pregnant. When I took the test, I saw a double line. I was having mixed feelings while I was looking at the result. I was happy that we will be expecting our little angel but I was also feeling scared. Scared, if I can manage the changes if I can be a good mom and a lot of things crossing on my mind. Good thing Shane was always there giving me assurance that everything will be fine. We went to an OB-Gyne for my first checkup. I was already 7 weeks pregnant when I had my ultrasound. Everything went well except that they found a haemorrhage. I was on medication for a week and advised for bed rest. At first, I got worried but my doctor explained it to me. It is common during the early stage of pregnancy (extra precaution is needed though) but eventually, it will disappear. True indeed, after a few weeks, I took another ultrasound and it’s no longer there. As the day past, I felt nauseated. I constantly threw up and got dizzy any time of the day. I spent most of my first-trimester sleep. Yes, sleeping! I don’t like eating too. Chocolate was my best friend then just to make me feel better. I was not choosy when it comes to food but since I constantly vomit, there was food that I prefer eating. I love adobo, fish and vegetables. I love strawberry too. I can still remember we couldn’t find any strawberries here in Cagayan de Oro. Good thing Shane had a scheduled work trip to Manila and he bought some for me. I also like Tom Yong Soup whenever we eat out. What else? If you are my friend there were times I put on makeup, but most of the time I really don’t. HAHAHA 😀 During that time, wearing lipstick for me is a must. I think I bought more than 5 lippies during my first trimester and that was very unusual of me. So before we knew the gender of the baby, I already have a strong feeling that it would be a girl. But then we have to wait until the 4th month to know exactly the gender. The usual Saturdate with Shane was then spent most of the time at home.

It was a rough first trimester but I’m so glad I was able to surpass all of that. Thank you to my ever supportive, loving husband who’s always there for me. My family and friends who always understands me. Thank you also Lord for Your guidance during that time. I can’t wait to share with you the second trimester and the third trimester of my pregnancy as well. 🙂

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