Keeping Your Child Busy

Finally, giving my blog a bit of my time. Sorry for not posting, I am busy with life. To update you, I’m working at home as a part-time virtual assistant. I’ve worked for a couple of months already in one company with flexible time. And I just recently started working with another company, which requires me to work early in the morning. So I have to manage my everyday schedule, coz I’m juggling two jobs and at the same time taking care of Skye. Nonetheless, I’m still thankful that I can do work at home and still spend ample time with my daughter. I’m already raising a toddler. It is very challenging but we are both learning. I’m just so happy because Skye is such a sweet, loving daughter that no matter how hard it is, I know she’s there to make it all worth it.

With my work schedule, I struggle to meet the zero screen time for Skye. Especially now, I’m doing early morning work. Sometimes she wakes up and doesn’t want to go back to sleep. So for me to continue my work and for her to behave, I allow her to use the tablet. I’ve read about articles that it does affect the child’s development. What we practice lately is to give her a specific time to use the table. And some other time is spent on other activities. I’m sharing to you some common activities that we do together or just to keep her busy at home.

1. Toys – I let Skye play any toy that we have at home that is appropriate for her age. Mostly developmental toys that will allow her to learn. Her ultimate favourite are balls. She’s into playing basketball. And with her clear tall height, I can see a future basketball player. She also loves her shape sorter, building blocks. I’m a proud mama because before she turned 18months she already knows some basic shapes and she’s starting to identify basic colours. While she’s having fun with these toys, it is also a great opportunity to teach her and let her learn.

2. Books – I’m just so proud that Skye loves the book. When she was just a few months old I use to read books to her. Apparently, she doesn’t have any interest yet and prefers to bite it. When she turned one, she slowly starts showing some interest. She would get a book and give it to me to read. I find it amazing as her knowledge with words, as well as her speaking skills has tremendously increased. During this phase, it’s easier to teach her new words as she can recall easily.

3. Outside activity – It’s either a walk with her nanay (grandmother) or me in our backyard. She loves picking flowers. Running, walking and just anything. I just let her enjoy being free outside (but of course I still look after her.) and observing the things around her. I usually teach her on what we see, hear or anything worth knowing.

4. Scribble – Skye started using big crayons when she’s about 10months old. She would scribble. I’m pretty amazed by how she holds the crayon as if she already knows how to write. I didn’t regret practising baby led weaning as it helps her with her gross motor skill. I would really recommend this because it allows the baby to practice their pincer grasp which is a big help when the baby starts writing. We would trace our hands or feet. She would ask me to draw a ball, flower, umbrella. I would also ask her to draw do the same thing and let her feel appreciated for doing a good job even though she just draw a line. 🙂

As a parent, I know there are many struggles we are facing especially if you are a working mom. We may have a different style in letting our child learns, but one thing for sure we want the best for our child. Make sure to manage your time and spend it with your children. Have fun with them. Enjoy each moment with them. Because being a kid happens only once and they will surely treasure those moments spend with you. ♥



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