Officially Enrolled In Kumon Reading Program

Last month, I enrolled Skye in a Kumon Reading Program. It was a swift 2-day process. We had an evaluation and assessment with Skye. The next day, I went for the parents’ orientation and then processed her enrolment. Our schedule is twice a week with a 1-hour session. Dear daughter is shy and hardly answers the teacher when being asked. But no pressure as I believe she’s still adjusting with the new environment.

As you know, I am not really into the traditional type of teaching as well as early schooling. I mainly focus on play-based learning. But for so many months, Skye has grown her interest in reading. After talking to her about going to reading school, her answer is a resounding YES!

Getting ready for first day of Kumon Reading Program

These are the points that convince me to enroll her.

1. Her passion for reading. We started reading to her at a very young age. It seems that she have grown interest with books. So I hope the Kumon reading program will help her understand and love books more.

2. She can follow instructions. Getting her involve and do some simple task with her teacher will be easy as she can already understand and follow instructions. Though I can see, she’s a bit shy, I hope she will out grow that.

3. More structure in her activity. We are in a stage where we balance her daily activities. I am involved in monitoring and teaching her homework and material. We have Kumon time and we have play time.

4. The program itself. Kumon is a home-based program. This is a good opportunity to build her to be independent and confident. Just helping her prepare when she’ll be in a big school.

Every child has different development and pace when it comes to learning. I believe it’s best to assess our child first if she/ he is ready to go to a similar platform of learning. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on how our program will turn out. 



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